How To Stop Sciatica Nerve & Back Pain Naturally

How To Stop Sciatica Nerve & Back Pain Naturally

At some point most of us have experience sciatica nerve, or back pain. Recently, I had a sciatica nerve flare up and discovered my bed was the culprit. I did two things to stop the pain, which a had gotten to the point it was constant. I’m not one to wait around for pain to go away, or to pop Advil, so I searched for answers and immediate relief. First, I searched youtube for back and hips stretches. There are some great videos that will help, however, there is one that sticks out in particular. The video shown below is mind blowing. You’re welcome. Hehe. Trust me, you will get some relief from this stretch.

Your Bed Is The Key To Back Pain Relief

Recently, I have had several friends with terrible back pain. I haven’t asked them all if they checked their mattress, or got a new mattress. However, one friend just had surgery on his back. He could barely walk from sciatica. I asked about his mattress, and he had not checked it, nor could he remember the last time he “turned over the mattress”. Bedding has improved so much in the last few years that if you haven’t gotten a new mattress in a while, then it is time. The mattress that was causing me problems was sagging, and that is the number one cause of back pain. While a Tempur-pedic is an excellent choice, I think there are better options for the money. Tempur-pedic mattresses are very expensive, and heavy. Not only that, in the winter, they get a little too firm if you sleep in a cold room. Room temperature affects the Tempur-pedic. Did I mention the Tempur-pedic weighs a ton?

 Best Mattress For The Money

After doing a ton of research on which was the best mattress for the money, I came down to two mattresses. I ended up going with the memory foam shown below. The latex mattresses seemed to be outweighed by cons compared to the memory foam. Also, the memory mattress below is lighter weight than the tempur-pedic, however it has excellent reviews for support. The buyer-verifed reviews are excellent for both mattresses. These are two of the highest rated mattresses based on verified buyers. Check out this link comparing latex mattress advantages and disadvantages. Here is an analysis on memory foam.



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