Rife Frequency Generator | Staph Infection In Joint of Filly

Rife Frequency Generator | Staph Infection In Joint of Filly

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How To Treat Joint Infection With Rife Frequency Generator | Experimental Use Only

Now you can see why the filly got hurt in the first place. Hehe. She got hurt during a rain storm in her fetlock (rear ankle). The filly was very lame, and after giving her penicillin, and doing an ichthammol draw, the swelling and lameness was getting only slightly better. The wound was very small, but her fetlock joint was warm and swollen. After a few days of minimal improvement, we took the filly to the vet for an Xray, and possible joint infection.

The vet flushed the joint, and took a culture; it was determined there were no chips, or major damage other than a very serious potential infection. The culture came back positive for Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which can become resistant to antibiotic therapy. The veterinarian prescribed Excede® antibiotic for the joint infection, and released the filly. She was due to take another round of Excede® four days later. However, after being released from the clinic, the filly got worse each day for four days. On the forth day, when she was really sick and lame, I pulled out the Rife machine. Hello, why didn’t I think of that earlier? Just months prior, I had treated my border collie for either Lyme disease, or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, one of the two, but that’s for another post. The filly improved immediately after using the Rife machine!

Rife Treatment Time And Frequencies

The filly was confined to a small area between two gates where I was able to apply the rife machine pads to her fetlock. The treatment lasted 1 1/2 hours, twice a day, for three days. She showed immediate improvement after the Rife therapy. I started her on the Rife therapy on a Friday night. By Monday she was due for another shot of Excede, but she had already greatly improved by the time she was due for the last round of antibiotics. I continued the Rife treatments for a week. After the first three days, her Rife therapy lasted 1 1/2 hours. The frequencies used were all the published ones for staph and strep. I was advised to try the strep. frequencies, too.

Does Rife Frequency Therapy Work?

I believe the frequency generator works, if you can identify the exact issue, ie bacteria, virus, fungus. I’ve seen it work many times. My dad was able to avoid a root canal by using the Rife Probes on his head and mouth. This worked for him overnight. Also, my dog could not get up and walk outside. My husband suggested putting her down. She cried constantly. Once I used the machine on her, she was better overnight.

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Treatment of the wound

For the wound, we used PF Wonder Salve. The salve prevents and eliminates proud flesh. It stays put, and dries up wounds fast. The wound was completely healed within a week of using the salve. Check out this site for more information: www.proudfleshhorsetreatment.com.


If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change anything. The joint needed to be flushed, and I believe the antibiotic therapy worked with the Rife therapy. Once thing is for certain, the filly greatly improved after the Rife session.

Video taken after second rife treatment. It was the first time she felt like playing since she got injured.


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