Proof Ear Candling Works | Ear Coning

Proof Ear Candling Works | Ear Coning

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Proof Ear Candling Works

Despite all the naysayers on the internet, my husband and I are proof ear candling, or coning, works. The reason I know this is a couple years ago, I was getting most of my horseback riding done in the evening when it was cooler. What does this have to do with ear candling? Well, in addition to being cooler, there were many more insects flying around in the evening, and when you’re traveling horseback at a fairly good speed, you are likely to be struck by, inhale, or swallow an insect. I had never considered one getting in my ear.

Severe Ear Ache Relieved By Ear Candling

After one of the evenings horseback riding, I developed a bad earache. It got much worse within two days. At that point, the earache was deep, and several glands in my neck were swollen. I had candled my, and my husband’s ears a couple times a year, so I decided to candle my ear. Now, here’s the proof candling works. You’re not going to believe what was in the burnt candle! A firefly, aka lightening bug! Yes, I cut the burnt remains of the candle and saw a perfectly preserved lightening bug! So there ya go. I don’t care what the experts say. People have been doing it for hundreds of years, and there’s a reason for it. It works. How does it work? I’m not sure, but reverse osmosis is my guess.

Placebo Effect, Or Real Benefit From Ear Candling

Dogs don’t respond to placebo, so in addition to the proof described above, I don’t believe the benefit is a perceived placebo effect. Rancho, our gorgeous Great Pyrenees has chronic ear problems, as is common with his breed of dog. His ears will develop a bad odor and itch. I imagine it’s partly a fungus issue. Great Pyrenees can be stubborn dogs, and if they don’t like something, or are afraid, they’re not going to allow you to do much with them. Rancho loves getting his ears candled. The bad odor goes away for a while, and the his ears are much more comfortable. He doesn’t rub or scratch them afterwards. I also use Zymox Enzymatic Solution on his ears when they start hurting him. Zymox provides instant relief and gets rid of infection and fungal issues.

Ear Candling Safety

Do as I say, not as I do. Hehe. Please use a paper plate with a small “X” cut in the center for the candle for extra safety, and keep a moist towel close by. We don’t use the plate, but I guess we’re just risk takers here on the ranch.

Not All Ear Candles Are Created Equal

I recommend Wally’s ear candles. They are the best, and I’ve tried several types. At one point I made the mistake of buying what I thought were similar candles, and they did absolutely nothing. They just made my ear smell like candle smoke. They did not draw anything. Maybe this is the reason for so many candling naysayers.

Ear Candling Tips & Instructions

For more information about ear candling, check out How To Use Ear Candles .Oh, and if you decide to candle the ears of a large, outdoor guard dog, do it in a barn, or out of the wind. If only I could candle my horse’s ears. Haha!


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  • Kacy Lowe-Nichols

    Omg just candled my pit bulls ear and it worked wonders

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