Peptic Ulcers In Horses & Humans | Causes, Symptoms, Cure

Peptic Ulcers In Horses & Humans | Causes, Symptoms, Cure

H. pylori Bacteria And Peptic Ulcers

If you or your horse are having symptoms of peptic ulcer, it’s probable H. pylori bacteria is the cause. It has been discovered that 90% of peptic ulcers are caused by theĀ dangerous and resilient bacteria. H. pylori can survive in the stomach for long periods without being killed off by stomach acid and is often contracted during childhood. In adulthood, as the stomach lining is weakened due to illness, stress, lack of sleep and excessive alcohol consumption, the H pylori bacteria is able to attack the cells more aggressively. Then, stomach ulcers begin to form in the wall lining.

What Causes Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori) Bacteria?

The house fly is the most common carrier for the ulcer bacteria which explains why so many horses, especially those confined to stables, suffer from ulcers. I’ve known a few ranchers and horse show people who suffer from ulcers. Click here to learn more about the H pylori bacteria/fly connection.

H. pylori Symptoms & Cures

H. pylori bacteria can be killed permanently. The standard doctor issued protocol is course after course of antibiotics. Antibiotics are completely ineffective, and only offer temporary symptom relief. Ten years ago when I had symptoms of peptic ulcers, I got immediate relief with Mastic Gum, a resin harvested in Greece from Mastic trees. Typically, 3 grams a day is effective for permanent elimination of this debilitating, chronic condition. I took mastic gum everyday for over a month and never had a recurrence of symptoms. H. pylori leads to a whole host of other problems other than gastric ulcers. Click here to read everything you ever wanted to know about H. pylori, and other diseases caused by it.

Horses & Mastic Gum

Many race horse trainers give their horses mastic gum as an ulcer treatment. Mastic gum is completely safe for horses. If your horse is not picky, you could sprinkle mastic powder on grain. An oral drench in a worming tube is another option. You just have to get creative and experiment with the dosage. You cannot overdose you horse. Two capsules equals a gram, so I would start with at least 10 grams a day for a horse exhibiting signs of a peptic ulcer. Not only does mastic gum work, it’s much more economical than the less effective equine ulcer guard products.

Proof Mastic Gum Kills The Bacteria That Causes Peptic Ulcers

There are plenty of studies that show Mastic gum kills H. pylori bacteria. The evidence that mastic gum kills H. pylori bacteria outweighs reports that it doesn’t. A report I read ten years ago from the New England Journal of Medicine stating Mastic Gum Kills Helicobacter pylori was enough to convince me to try it, and it worked for me. I’ve given bottles of mastic gum to people over the years who suffered from ulcers and they also reported that it also worked for them.

Mastic Gum For Dental Health

Mastic gum was used by the ancient Greeks to relieve the pain and slow the progression of tooth decay buy packing gum into the cavity. Mastic gum is a great antibiotic for periodontal bacteria. Your teeth will become white, and your gums healthy if you will regularly brush your teeth with the powder from an opened capsule. Try it for periodontal health and you will be pleasantly surprised. In medieval times, mastic was highly valued by sultans’ harems as a breath freshener and a tooth whitener.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Mastic Gum

A study published in the February 7, 2007 issue of the “World Journal of Gastroenterology” researched the efficacy of mastic supplements on people with mild to moderately active Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. These individuals experienced significant decreases in symptoms and inflammatory markers in plasma after taking mastic for four weeks. Mastic gum is also effective in the treatment of GERDs.



Two bottles of Nutricology will provide just under two weeks of treatment at 10 grams a day. After that, you can taper down to 3-5 grams a day. This is much less expensive, and much more effective than Ulcer Guard which costs $29 a single tube.


One 120 ct. capsule bottle will be more than enough to permanently resolve issues


I have hand selected the lowest price, and best quality available. Nutricology 120 ct. capsules 500 mg. are best value.

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