Natural Remedy For H. pylori Helicobacter pylori Infection

Natural Remedy For H. pylori Helicobacter pylori Infection

In 2004 I began suffering symptoms of H. pylori infection. I had a dull ache in my stomach, and didn’t feel well. I was tired all the time, and the symptoms were getting worse. The standard conventional treatment is antibiotics. This is also an ineffective treatment. Thankfully, I never took any antibiotics for H. pylori. I discovered Mastic gum right away, and it took care of all symptoms within two months. The relief was immediate, but the symptoms were completely gone in two months. With antibiotics, the infection almost always reappears. It’s a never ending cycle of repeated rounds of antibiotics. Don’t get into the cycle. It will do nothing but weaken your system, and cause the bacteria to burrow deeper in your intestinal tract.

Last year I wrote an article on treating H. pylori and peptic ulcers in horses and people. Click here to read that article when provides some valuable information on dealing with H. pylori.

H. pylori Treatment

Mastic gum capsules will give you instant relief. If you take it, I would love to hear from you. I’ve given bottles two family members who suffered from ulcers and it worked for them. It’s definitely worth trying. There are many health benefits to taking Mastic Gum.

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  • maria casadevall

    this is my first time visiting your website , and I love, love, love, it. Melanie I need your advice, I have a five year old female spayed American bull dog and a male (who is her brother) the female has such horrible skin disorders that come and go the male has none. I feel terrible because the vet just gives her harsh antibiotics and steroids. I feel like all these antibiotics are gonna kill her good (gut) bacteria and kill her organs. I began giving her probiotics. right now she is having a bad break out of bumps and ichiness. Melanie I love my dogs, and I worry so much about her, . Secondly my 14 yr. old daughter has a lot of gastro issues, gerd,, lactose intolerance, and gastritis. Im 49 have basically the same issues, gastro, colitis, diverticulosis, gerd, , my entire family needs to do a detox so I would really love to discuss with you, your recommendations for me, my husband for the detox, my daughter something natural for her issues. and for my dog, I want to help my family and I live a better life, and hoping to start by first detoxing, then eating and cooking right. I really look forward to hearing from you.
    have a blessed evening.
    Maria Casadevall
    best email that goes to my phone is

    • stylishranchgirl

      Hi Maria, thanks for you message. I would definitly try the mastic first. It gave me such relieve
      you can’t even imagine. Also, on your dog, so much of the dog food is
      gmo. I have all my dogs on grain free diet. If you google dog advisor
      dry dog food rating, you can see all the recommended brands. Corn, wheat
      and soy cause these problems. If you see the dog food you are feeding low on
      that list, then that could def. be the cause. The other thing that will
      help your family is brewing your own kombucha. There are many recipes on Pinterest for kombucha and it’s loaded probiotics. Also, raw goat milk
      will often times cure lacto-intolerance. It’s great medicine for the
      body. It took a while for the body to get in this state, and it can take
      a while to get out,
      but this is what really helped me. God bless you and yours. Please let
      me know if this helps. :)

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