Make Your Own Colloidal Nano Silver | The Best Silver Generator

Make Your Own Colloidal Nano Silver | The Best Silver Generator


When you figure the cost of good quality colloidal silver, and factor in the health benefits of taking colloidal silver, it makes the sense to make your own. I have used colloidal silver on myself, and animals for about 12 years. There are many myths concerning taking colloidal silver; the biggest one is you will turn blue. This is simply not true with high-quality colloidal silver. The people who have turned blue from the silver oxidizing in their system, did not use the correct water to make their silver. It is imperative that you use distilled water.

How To Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

There are many kinds of generators in all price ranges. I’ve researched many different types, and concluded that for the price, Atlasnova makes a good quality, easy to use generator. The Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator AC was designed and manufactured in USA, fully assembled and tested. The generator includes 2 pieces of 4-inch 12 gauge Pure 9999 Silver Wire, and uses a universal power supply! Everything is ready to go! The generator will enable you to make up to 16 ounces of purest colloidal silver in 4 to 5 hours. Instructions on how to make colloidal silver using Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator are included. There are generators that will produce colloidal silver faster, with higher voltage, but slower is better. A batch that takes 4-5 hours will produce smaller nano particles, and lighter colored nano silver. Generators that produce it faster will result in larger particles, which is not good. Generators that use 3 – 9 volts batteries, or a 27 volt adapter, are not ideal because they produce silver with larger particles in a shorter amount of time. This is why a slower process is better.

Nano silver is beneficial in many ways for your family, and your pets. I’ve read anecdotal evidence that colloidal silver was instrumental to successfully treat parvo along with other supportive therapy.  With the Ebola outbreak, these are generators are getting popular.

What’s great about the Atlasnova is it’s about the same price as if you purchased everything and rigged your own generator. This generator keeps the rods in place, and you don’t have to fool with alligator clips, or stabilizing the rods. The rods should not touch each other, or the glass vessel.


Benefits Of Taking Colloidal Silver

Based on my experience, colloidal silver has cleared up pink eye in calves overnight. Colloidal silver is extremely beneficial to you and your animals. Learn more about the astonishing health benefits of colloidal silver.

Does Nano Silver Kill Ebola

There is a lot of strong evidence, especially out of Sierra Leone, suggesting Silver does kill the Ebola Virus. Too much evidence to ignore.

Buy Nano Silver Generator

Buy Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator – AC

Save money and make your own pure colloidal silver. Everything you need is in this kit.

Buy Pure Colloidal Nana Silver

Don’t want to make your own silver? Buy the purest colloidal silver here on Amazon. I’ve researched many, and I have found these two to be the best. I’ve used Sovereign Silver brand for years before I started making my own colloidal silver.

  • Bella Lee

    Has anyone tried this unit and tested to see if it makes true Nano Silver / Mono Atomic Silver?

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