Honey Sweetened Peach Kefir Recipe | How To Make Kefir

Honey Sweetened Peach Kefir Recipe | How To Make Kefir

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Homemade kefir tastes nothing like the store bought kefir. It’s like night and day. So, go out and milk your cow, then…just kidding. Just follow the simple directions below, and you will have a quart or more of delicious peach kefir.


Use 5g of kefir starter per litre or quart of milk. I prefer Yogourmet kefir starter.

1. Heat milk to 180°F or bring just to the boiling point. Cool room temperature. You can cool the milk quicker by carefully placing the pot in a sink filled ice water. The heating and     cooling is a very important step

2. Dissolve 5g of culture in a small amount of the cooled milk in a cup. Pour back into the inoculated milk and mix well.

3. Pour the inoculated milk into a clean container, cover and let stand at room temperature until curd forms. (Approximately 24 hours)

4. Refrigerate about 8 hours to stop the process.

5. Blend in blender with fresh peaches and raw honey to taste. I used about a cup of peaches and several tablespoons of local, raw honey. Stir to liquefy and enjoy. Always store kefir in the refrigerator.

The photo shows plain kefir, peach kefir, farmer’s cheese, and butter, all courtesy of Belle the wonder cow. We love her.

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