Homemade Butter Recipe | Raw Milk

Homemade Butter Recipe | Raw Milk

Homemade Butter RecipeHomemade Butter Recipe Using Raw Cow’s Milk

Super easy to make. Churned in Kitchenaid with whisk attachment. Next time I make it, I’ll include more photos of the churning and rinsing process.

Directions For Making Butter

First, what you’ll need is to go to a sale barn and find the best Jersey cow money can buy. And, if that’s not possible, just go buy good quality heavy cream. A quart of raw cream from Cow’s milk makes about a pound of butter. Jersey cows produce more milk fat than any other cow. Butter produced from Jersey’s is more golden colored vs. a pale colored butter. Super rich and delicious.

Put whole cream into mixer, and whip on high speed until it reaches whipped cream stage. Then, keep whipping and it will get thicker.

  • After several minutes, there will be a sudden change. The milk fat and solids separate, leaving buttermilk liquid. Use a damp tea towel to avoid splattering when the separation occurs. You will know when you have butter, as you will hear a distinct slapping noise. Now you have separated butter.
  • Thoroughly drain away all buttermilk (which is really just skim, watery milk, and your dogs will LOVE it!). Squeezing and draining is a key process to preserve your butter and keeping it from going rancid prematurely. Rinse with ice cold water until the water runs clear. I use a cheesecloth lined strainer. Squeeze butter tight as possible and rinse it well. At this point you can flavor your butter with salt, or herbs. Pack butter into an airtight container, or into plastic wrap, and freeze.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy your fresh, delicious butter!

Thank you, Belle!

Have you ever made butter? Please share your tips.

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