The Secret To The Best Southern Sweet Tea In The World!

The Secret To The Best Southern Sweet Tea In The World!


There are a few keys to great tasting iced tea. I absolutely love good tea, and I find bad tea served in a restaurant such a disappointment. A woman I know who owned a successful Cajun restaurant in Southeast Texas told me serving good tea was an important part of the restaurant’s success. I believe she was right. Now, for the key to great tasting tea:

  • Good, pure water
  • Good ice
  • Good tea

My secret tea blend is 1001 Nights tea from the Ceylon Tea Company. A few years ago I discovered this delicious tea, and I buy it by the case.  I use one to two bags along with a family sized tea bag of regular black tea. Red Diamond, a southern tea, is my preferred brand of black tea. I think it’s smooth and makes delicious tea.

1001 Nights Tea

The Original Ceylon Tea Company’s 1001 Nights, is a mystical blend of pure, high mountain-grown tea from Ceylon and fragrant flowers & fruit flavors that is sure to bring countless nights of romance and intrigue. Like the fabled Scheherazade herself, 1001 Nights is becoming a legend in its own time. It is SUBLIME! When you mix it with regular tea, there is no overwhelming flavor like you get with many flavored teas. Every time I serve this tea to guests, they keep coming back for more. It is truly delicious. The tea is a blend of premium green & black teas, with cut blossoms of roses, orange blossoms, & sun flowers. It is then rinsed in the sweet liquor of red, ripe strawberries.

How To Make The Tea

Depending how much tea you are making, heat the 2 quarts of water in a pan, and just as it begins to boil, add the family size of Red Diamond black tea bag, and one or two 1001 Nights tea bags. Let the tea steep for about 4 mins. Remove tea bags and sweeten if you wish. Then add cold water to suit your taste. This will make a gallon of tea. Sweet tea tastes better when the sugar is added as the water boils, or right after you’ve added your tea bags. It’s not as good when the sugar is added after the tea has cooled. I only use about 1/2 cup of sugar, depending how much tea I’m making. The tea is so delicious it doesn’t have to be masked with a lot of sugar.

The secret Ingredient To Delicious, Authentic Southern Iced Tea

Now for the secret ingredient to delicious southern iced tea: baking soda. Baking soda neutralizes the bitter tannins in tea. It only takes a tiny pinch in a pitcher of tea, but it makes a world of difference. Try it and see. Just a pinch.

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